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Puzzle Brain Break - New York is an addictive way to recharge your brain while relaxing on the subway, sipping coffee on a park bench or any other time you just need a brain-break.

Addictive games don't have to be about killing things. You can give your brain a break in a healthy way.

You could solve the Central Park puzzle while relaxing in Central Park. You could work on the Grand Central Station puzzle while waiting for your train. The New York Skyline puzzle is perfect for your office, especially if you are working through the night. And the Times Square puzzle will get your mind off work while drinking a decent cup of coffee in Times Square.

Puzzle Brain Break - New York works like this: each picture is converted to a grid with 3 rows of 3 pieces(Easy), 4 rows of 4 pieces(Moderate), or 5 rows of 5 pieces(Hard). Then the pieces are scrambled and one piece is removed. Your job is to move a piece that is adjacent to the blank square into the blank square, then repeat until you have re-assembled the puzzle.

Think it's easy? Think again. Unless you're a Rubik's Cube master or just WAY smarter than us, your brain WILL sweat. In fact, a Rubik's Cube is the best game to compare Puzzle Brain Break - New York to. Think of a one sided urbane Rubik's Cube.

With 4 puzzles, Puzzle Brain Break - New York gives you unlimited brain healthy exercise in your pocket whenever you blunder into a boring situation or just need a brain break. And it's free!


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