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Puzzle Brain Break - Monet lets you exercise your brain while feeding it the nourishment of 4 Monet masterpieces. The play is as addictive as any Zombie, Flappy Bird or snarky pig killing game, but better for your brain and your soul(you aren't killing a masterpiece, you are restoring it).

Puzzle Brain Break - Monet is satisfyingly difficult. Your brain really does get exercised. Even the "Easy" level is deliciously challenging.

It works like this: first the masterpiece is converted to a grid with 3 rows of 3 pieces(Easy), 4 rows of 4 pieces(Moderate), or 5 rows of 5 pieces(Hard). Then it scrambles the pieces and removes one. Your job is to move a piece that is adjacent to the blank square into the blank square, then repeat until you have re-assembled the masterpiece.

Sound easy? Think again. Unless you are way smarter than us or a Rubik's Cube champion, your brain WILL sweat. In point of fact, a Rubik's Cube is the best game to compare Puzzle Brain Break - Monet to. Think of a one sided impressionistic Rubik's Cube.

One more thing. It's cheating to have your genius kids figure it out for you.

With 4 puzzles, think of Puzzle Brain Break - Monet giving you 4 sets of 3 progressively harder reps of brain exercise on your phone or tablet whenever you blunder into a boring situation or just need a brain break. And it's free!


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