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Puzzle Brain Break - Cezanne is an easy to use puzzle game that is perfect for coffee breaks, waiting rooms and most importantly, dragging us out of thought-ruts. The play is deceptively challenging and the reward, a completed masterpiece, is refreshing to the mind and the soul.

Unlike other puzzles where you have a pile of pieces to arrange, Puzzle Brain Break - Cezanne creates puzzles by dividing each masterpiece into 3 x 3, 4 x 4, and 5 x 5 grids and removing one piece. Your job is to move an adjacent square into the empty square, creating a new empty square which you now must fill with an adjacent piece, again and again until you have restored the masterpiece. Think of a one sided impressionistic Rubik's Cube.

Always start with "Easy", which is 3 x 3. If you nail it in one coffee break, congratulations on being smarter than us! Enjoy another cup.

While Puzzle Brain Break - Cezanne was designed for busy and creative value producers, the content is suitable for all ages so feel free to challenge your youngsters to give it a try, though getting them to teach you how to solve the puzzles is cheating.


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